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girl, interrupted.

kayli bre. i post a lot of morbid things, mixed with a bit of love, which is pretty fucked up too.
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golden gods & rock and roll groupies. 💿💕 (at 💀🔮💭)


i want tattoos and self esteem

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i’m tired of being good, let’s be bad. 💋

holy fuck, you are beautiful

omg thank you so much
steelcxtybxtch I read your theory about the plane. You are very intelligent. And i might be a very very good chance that your theory is correct i showed it to my family (your post) and they said it makes perfect sense. I never would have been able to think like that. 

aw wow thank you so much, that’s so so sweet of you to say and means a lot! 

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i’m tired of being good, let’s be bad. 💋

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lydia tonight :’)  (at Trees)

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All Time Low // Oh, Calamity!

band/tattoo blog †

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girl, interrupted.