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girl, interrupted.

kayli bre. i post a lot of morbid things, mixed with a bit of love, which is pretty fucked up too.
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there was a time when i believed that i was incapable of being loved

so i kept a tally of every one of my flaws on my wrist

i fell asleep wondering why i wasn’t good enough for anyone

and a soggy pillow held me through the night

i, now, see that isn’t the truth.

i, now, keep a collection of his kisses on my neck

and his comforting arms hold me through the night.

darkness swallowed me and spit me back out

and i know now that the tally i kept means nothing

because everybody has their own tally.

whether it be on their body or in their mind,

and that’s what makes them beautiful.

- some shitty writing i did tonight 

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i guess this is the face you make when you’re focused on getting a good photo of your eyeliner & lips

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this is the sign you’ve been looking for (at Adrenaline Vancity Tattoos and Piercings)

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girl, interrupted.